The latest and greatest news and happenings in the world of VPNs.

TunnelBear Annual Independent Security Audits

For three years running, TunnelBear has been submitting themselves to independent public security audits. That’s very good news for us the VPN consumers.

ProtonVPN Audit Results and Apps Go Open Source

ProtonVPN has once again raised the VPN transparency bar after publishing its latest 3rd-party security audit results and announcing it’s making all apps open-source.

What Surfshark’s Security Audit Revealed

Few VPN providers like to submit themselves to independent security audits. Surfshark recently broke that trend and here is what the final report revealed.

7 Reasons to Protect Your IP Address

Everything you do online is connected to your IP address and there are good reasons to hide it, if you want a safe and private online environment that is.

More People Are Using VPNs in the UK and US

A recent survey found more and more people are getting VPNs in the UK and the US. Here are the usage statistics that came out of it and my thoughts on.

Are VPNs Legal in the UK

A VPN is the best way of ensuring online privacy, anonymity and security. But is it legal to use one in the UK, where online surveillance is rampant?

What’s Coming From Invisible Browsing VPN in 2018

Though not exactly mind-blowing, last year was pretty good for Invisible Browsing VPN. With their ambitions cranked up, here’s what’s in store for 2018.

Review of NordVPN Highlights for 2017

2017 was a big year for NordVPN. New servers and security features are most welcome additions. Though some may be disappointed with what’s going away.

Protect Your Privacy from the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act

The UK Investigatory Powers Act is the most intrusive mass surveillance bill of any western country. Can a VPN bring back your online privacy and security?