The Complete ExpressVPN Servers List

ExpressVPN currently runs servers at 163 locations in 106 countries around the world. By my count, that puts them in second place country number wise behind NordVPN – and pretty far ahead of most other providers.

Unless you’re looking to connect to a small island country somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (in which case you should use Surfshark), odds are ExpressVPN has a server at the locations you need.

ExpressVPN does not, unfortunately, reveal the exact number of servers they run (other than saying it’s 3000+). What I know for sure is that, like most providers, they run a disproportionally large number of VPN servers in the UK (around 150 is my estimate) and in the US (I’m guessing at least 500).

Whatever numbers they have picked though work well for them, as proven by ExpressVPN’s top notch speed test results. So, while it would be nice to know the specifics, ultimately, it’s good performance results that matter.

The table below is an up to date ExpressVPN server list broken down by world regions, and then by country and location. For many countries, ExpressVPN does not disclose the exact cities. In those cases, the city field is left blank. I do my best to keep the lists up to date as things change.

And please don’t forget to take a look at my full review of ExpressVPN for more details on what makes them one of the best providers in the market (beyond just server coverage).

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North America

There are 29 ExpressVPN server locations in North America.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Canada flagCanada...-4
Mexico flagMexico--1
United States flagUnited States...-24
United StatesAlbuquerque-1
United StatesAtlanta, GA-1
United StatesChicago, IL-1
United StatesDallas, TX-2
United StatesDenver, CO-1
United StatesLincoln Park-1
United StatesLos Angeles, CA-4
United StatesMiami, FL-2
United StatesNew Jersey-3
United StatesNew York, NY-1
United StatesPhoenix, AZ-1
United StatesSalt Lake City, UT-1
United StatesSan Francisco, CA-1
United StatesSanta Monica, CA-1
United StatesSeattle, WA-1
United StatesTampa, FL-1
United StatesWashington DC-1


There are a massive 63 ExpressVPN server locations in Europe.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Albania flagAlbania--1
Andorra flagAndorra-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Austria flagAustria--1
Belarus flagBelarus-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Belgium flagBelgium--1
Bosnia flagBosnia-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Bulgaria flagBulgaria--1
Croatia flagCroatia--1
Cyprus flagCyprus--1
Czech Republic flagCzech Republic--1
Denmark flagDenmark--1
Estonia flagEstonia--1
Finland flagFinland--1
France flagFrance...-5
Germany flagGermany...-3
Greece flagGreece--1
Hungary flagHungary--1
Iceland flagIceland--1
Ireland flagIreland--1
Isle of Man flagIsle of Man-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Italy flagItaly...-3
Jersey flagJersey-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Latvia flagLatvia--1
Liechtenstein flagLiechtenstein-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Lithuania flagLithuania--1
Luxembourg flagLuxembourg--1
Macedonia flagMacedonia-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Malta flagMalta-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Moldova flagMoldova--1
Monaco flagMonaco-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Montenegro flagMontenegro-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Netherlands flagNetherlands...-3
NetherlandsThe Hague-1
Norway flagNorway--1
Poland flagPoland--1
Portugal flagPortugal--1
Romania flagRomania--1
Serbia flagSerbia--1
Slovakia flagSlovakia--1
Slovenia flagSlovenia-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Spain flagSpain...-3
Sweden flagSweden--2
Switzerland flagSwitzerland--2
Turkey flagTurkey-Virtual (Germany)1
Ukraine flagUkraine-Virtual (Poland)1
United Kingdom flagUnited Kingdom...-5
United KingdomDocklands-1
United KingdomEast London-1
United KingdomLondon-1
United KingdomMidlands-1
United KingdomWembley-1

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The number of Express VPN server locations in Oceania stands at 9.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Australia flagAustralia...-7
Guam flagGuam-Virtual (Singapore)1
New Zealand flagNew Zealand--1


The ExpressVPN server list in Asia currently stands at 34 locations.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Armenia flagArmenia-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Bangladesh flagBangladesh-Virtual (Singapore)1
Bhutan flagBhutan-Virtual (Singapore)1
Brunei flagBrunei-Virtual (Singapore)1
Cambodia flagCambodia-Virtual (Singapore)1
Georgia flagGeorgia--1
Hong Kong flagHong Kong--2
India flagIndia-Virtual (Singapore)1
Indonesia flagIndonesia-Virtual (Singapore)1
Israel flagIsrael--1
Japan flagJapan...-4
Kazakhstan flagKazakhstan-Virtual (Singapore)1
Laos flagLaos-Virtual (Singapore)1
Lebanon flagLebanon-Virtual (Germany)1
Macau flagMacau-Virtual (Singapore)1
Malaysia flagMalaysia-Virtual (Singapore)1
Mongolia flagMongolia-Virtual (Singapore)1
Myanmar flagMyanmar-Virtual (Singapore)1
Nepal flagNepal-Virtual (Singapore)1
Pakistan flagPakistan-Virtual (Singapore)1
Philippines flagPhilippines-Virtual (Singapore)1
Singapore flagSingapore...-3
SingaporeCentral Business District-1
SingaporeMarina Bay-1
South Korea flagSouth Korea--1
Sri Lanka flagSri Lanka-Virtual (Singapore)1
Taiwan flagTaiwan--1
Thailand flagThailand-Virtual (Singapore)1
Uzbekistan flagUzbekistan-Virtual (Netherlands)1
Vietnam flagVietnam-Virtual (Singapore)1

Central America

ExpressVPN has 4 server locations in Central America.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Costa Rica flagCosta Rica--1
Guatemala flagGuatemala-Virtual (Brazil)1
Honduras flagHonduras-Virtual (U.S.)1
Panama flagPanama-Virtual (Brazil)1

South America

There are currently 10 ExpressVPN server locations in South America.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Argentina flagArgentina-Virtual (Brazil)1
Bolivia flagBolivia-Virtual (Brazil)1
Brazil flagBrazil--2
Chile flagChile-Virtual (Brazil)1
Colombia flagColombia-Virtual (Brazil)1
Ecuador flagEcuador-Virtual (Brazil)1
Peru flagPeru-Virtual (Brazil)1
Uruguay flagUruguay-Virtual (Brazil)1
Venezuela flagVenezuela-Virtual (Brazil)1


Express VPN has 6 server locations in Africa.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Locations
Algeria flagAlgeria-Virtual (Germany)1
Egypt flagEgypt-Virtual (Germany)1
Ghana flagGhana-Virtual (Germany)1
Kenya flagKenya--1
Morocco flagMorocco-Virtual (Germany)1
South Africa flagSouth Africa--1

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Tim is the founder of Fastest VPN Guide. He comes from a world of corporate IT security and network management and knows a thing or two about what makes VPNs tick. Cybersecurity expert by day, writer on all things VPN by night, that’s Tim. You can also follow him on Twitter and Quora.

24 thoughts on “The Complete ExpressVPN Servers List”

  1. Hi Tim under server type some of the locations have virtual and don’t. Does this make a difference with internet speed or is there another reason for that.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Both. Virtual servers can indeed be faster. Some countries may have sub-optimal infrastructure and running the connection through a server that’s physically in another country will give better performance.

      That said, there are other reasons for running virtual servers. Security and privacy are two common ones.

  2. Do you know of any vpn that has a server in Minnesota. Trying to access local channels in Minnesota from a different state

    • Hi Sherif. ExpressVPN has a virtual server in Egypt. What this means is that when you connect to it, your device will be assigned an Egyptian IP address, as per usual. Physically, however, the server hardware is located in another country – in this case, the Netherlands.

  3. Tim, Why does the Thailand no longer show up under ‘All locations’ in the app yet it is still listed in the list posted above?

    • Hi Robert. I just checked a few minutes ago and I do see Thailand. The ExpressVPN client does not, annoyingly, list the countries alphabetically, so it’s easy to miss them if not using the search function. Maybe that’s what happened? I’ve done that a few times… It’s also possible the data center was temporarily offline when you were checking and not listed because of that. It’s rare, but it does happen.

  4. The South African server is now not available. ExpressVPN Online Chat says it is under maintenance with no timeframe for when it will be running again. It is not shown as an available server on my app.

  5. Hi Tim, do you also have a list of servers that are still usable with netflix? That would be awesome. Many are currently blocked unfortunately by netflix.

  6. hello…Im trying to find out if the country Guyana in South America (Caribbean) is available with express VPN…?

    • Hi Dea. Not at all. You can use ExpressVPN (or any other VPN provider) from anywhere in the world and connect to any server you want. Think of the server you connect to as your new entry point to the Internet (it’s as if you physically moved your computer or device to its location).

  7. Thanks for this resource, but why do many of these servers not appear as options in the app itself? You list 7 U.K. servers, for example, but my app gives me only three named options, excluding others mentioned here.

    • Hi Jonathan. It could be your client app is set to show the recommended list of servers, which does not include all of them. I’m not sure what platform you’re on, but in my client, when I click the “Choose Location” button, a window pops up with three tabs at the top: “Recommended”, “All” and “Favorites”. If you click on the “All” tab, you should be able to see all 7 UK servers.


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