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With servers in 47 countries, TunnelBear does not offer the greatest geographical diversity. Far from it. That said, all the major players are there and every country 95% of us would want to connect to is present and accounted for.

Unfortunately, TunnelBear does not break down server location beyond the country. If there are ones with multiple locations – that does not appear to be the case but it’s tough to know for sure – it would be nice to have the ability to connect to a city of our choosing. As things stand, that’s not doable.

If you do find yourself wanting to connect somewhere TunnelBear doesn’t currently support, remember that there are other options.

For the best diversity, CyberGhost is tops in my book. Not only do they have servers in a massive 100 countries but, as you can see on my list of the fastest VPNs, they are also one well-performing VPN.

On the subject of performance, TunnelBear’s servers are no slouch either. You can take a look at their speed test results here. The gist is, speeds are more than good enough at any location to make you happy regardless of what you’re using a VPN for.

The tables below break down TunnelBear’s server locations by country. That, as mentioned, is the only piece of information they make available.

I left the exact location and server count blank in the hope that one day, TunnelBear will give us those details as well.

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North America

There are 3 TunnelBear server locations in North America.

CountryCity / LocationNumber of Servers
Canada flagCanada--
Mexico flagMexico--
United States flagUnited States--


There are a pretty impressive 27 TunnelBear server locations in Europe.

CountryCity / LocationNumber of Servers
Austria flagAustria--
Belgium flagBelgium--
Bulgaria flagBulgaria--
Cyprus flagCyprus--
Czech Republic flagCzech Republic--
Denmark flagDenmark--
Finland flagFinland--
France flagFrance--
Germany flagGermany--
Greece flagGreece--
Hungary flagHungary--
Ireland flagIreland--
Italy flagItaly--
Latvia flagLatvia--
Lithuania flagLithuania--
Moldova flagMoldova--
Netherlands flagNetherlands--
Norway flagNorway--
Poland flagPoland--
Portugal flagPortugal--
Romania flagRomania--
Serbia flagSerbia--
Slovenia flagSlovenia--
Spain flagSpain--
Sweden flagSweden--
Switzerland flagSwitzerland--
United Kingdom flagUnited Kingdom--

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The number of TunnelBear server locations in Oceania is 2.

CountryCity / LocationNumber of Servers
Australia flagAustralia--
New Zealand flagNew Zealand--


The TunnelBear server location in Asia currently stands at 7.

CountryCity / LocationNumber of Servers
Indonesia flagIndonesia--
Japan flagJapan--
Malaysia flagMalaysia--
Philippines flagPhilippines--
Singapore flagSingapore--
South Korea flagSouth Korea--
Taiwan flagTaiwan--

South America

There are 5 TunnelBear server locations in South America.

CountryCity / LocationNumber of Servers
Argentina flagArgentina--
Brazil flagBrazil--
Chile flagChile--
Colombia flagColombia--
Peru flagPeru--

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      TunnelBear removed their Hong Kong servers recently. Many other providers run them though. Of the bunch, NordVPN probably has the strongest presence there.


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