Here at Fastest VPN Guide, we’re committed to giving you unbiased and in-depth tests, reviews and comparisons of VPN service providers, as well as any relevant news, information and guides.

We focus on speed, but we never ignore any of the other important factors that go into rating a VPN, like privacy, server locations, features, ease of use and price. Our aim is to give you the most accurate and impartial information. This way, you can make an informed decision and pick the perfect VPN provider to suit your needs.

Meet Tim

Tim's About Page Profile ImageMy name is Tim, and I created and run Fastest VPN Guide. I come from a world of computer networking and IT security (something I still call my “day job”). Even though I have set up and actively manage several corporate VPNs, until recently, public VPN services have not been on my radar.

They very much appeared on my radar after I discovered and developed a healthy obsession with streaming out of country Netflix and the BBC iPlayer (which, if you have never used, I highly recommend). I live in Canada, and our Netflix severely lags behind its US counterpart. On a related matter, around the same time I also somehow became responsible for hooking up my retired parents with several geo-blocked streaming services from Europe (where they were born).

If you’re planning on using a VPN for streaming video, speed, of course, reigns supreme. While I didn’t put too much weight on a service’s ease of use (techy is after all my language), it was rather important to my aging parents.

By the time I became their IT support, I already had a VPN provider I was using and happy with. But, it did not have servers in all the European countries they were interested in. Easy fix though. There are a lot of providers out there, and I just hooked them up with a different one that worked.

While playing around with that new provider, I noticed it actually performed better than the one I was using. That I couldn’t have that. I spent some more time comparing the two to make sure I would not be losing any features that were important to me and decided to make the switch myself. Everything else being equal, you can never go wrong with a speed upgrade.

But did I stop there? Of course not. I got a taste of what else was out there. It was now my mission to find an even faster VPN service. I suppose I may be a little obsessive compulsive too. I didn’t really need one, but at this point, this whole thing became a bit of a hobby.

Playing around with different services and speed testing them is actually a lot of fun. It is a perfect fit for what I know and what I enjoy. In fact, I even kind of sort of got a few people at work in on it as well. What better way to spend lunch than by comparing notes on various VPN providers. That’s just how we roll!

And in the end, that is how this site, Fastest VPN Guide, was born. I’m not really the creative type so I do apologize for the lame name. But ultimately, I figure it’s the content that counts. The one promise I can make is that our test, reviews, and opinions are and always will be objective. No bull. All comments or question are also always appreciated, so feel free to get in touch anytime.

Above all else, I do hope you find the information on the site useful. Please have a look around, and thank you for visiting!