A VPN’s server network is one of the more important features to look into when picking a service. After all, if a provider won’t let you connect to a country or region you need, what’s the point of using them? Odds are there’s a better choice.

Below are the server lists for all popular VPNs. Each list is broken down by region, country, and city, and includes server counts as well as supported server types at all locations.

You can use these lists as a resource to double-check a VPN will give you the connection options you want and need.

CyberGhost Server List

Countries: 90Locations: 112Servers: 6351

CyberGhost’s VPN server network recently grew by almost 50%. It was impressive before and is even more impressive now. Other providers take notice.

ExpressVPN Server List

Countries: 95Locations: 151Servers: 3000+

ExpressVPN has one of the highest number of server locations of all VPN providers, far ahead of most other competitors.

HideMyAss! Server List

Countries: 220Locations: 294Servers: 1022

When it comes to the number of servers, locations, countries and IPs, no other provider can touch HideMyAss! They are the undisputed king of the hill.

Invisible Browsing VPN Server List

Countries: 47Locations: 97Servers: 173

For a smaller provider, Invisible Browsing VPN does quite well with their server counts, putting them somewhere in the middle of the pack.

IPVanish Server List

Countries: 53Locations: 79Servers: 1433

IPVanish runs thousands of self-owned servers around the world. While it’s not the biggest server list among top-tier VPN providers, it still impresses.

NordVPN Server List

Countries: 59Locations: 81Servers: 5567

NordVPN offers a level of geographical diversity that not many other providers do. Their network just continues to grow too.

Private Internet Access Server List

Countries: 47Locations: 68Servers: 3295

While they don’t offer the largest number of countries (though still covering all major locations), the sheer number of servers PIA runs is truly impressive.

ProtonVPN Server List

Countries: 50Locations: 71Servers: 801

ProtonVPN runs hundreds of servers around the world. Here’s the list of their free, regular, P2P, Secure Core, and Tor servers broken down by region, country, and city.

PureVPN Server List

Countries: 131Locations: 160Servers: 2070

PureVPN has the second largest and geographically diverse server network of all VPNs. Wherever you need to connect to, they have you covered.

Surfshark Server List

Countries: 64Locations: 109Servers: 1700+

For a VPN provider which hasn’t been around that long, the number of available locations Surfshark offers is rather impressive.

TunnelBear Server List

Countries: 23Locations: -Servers: -

Though TunnelBear does not have the best geographical diversity, all server locations 95% of us would want to connect to are accounted for.

VyprVPN Server List

Countries: 64Locations: 73Servers: 700+

VyprVPN’s server list has you covered no matter which location you want to connect to. They run all their servers in-house too, making their achievement extra impressive.

ZenMate Server List

Countries: 74Locations: 84Servers: 3782

ZenMate won’t win any VPN server location contests, but the selection of countries they offer is still more than enough for just about any of us.