The complete list of Express VPN server countries and locations

ExpressVPN Server List

ExpressVPN has one of the highest number of server locations of all VPN providers, far ahead of most other competitors.

The complete list of HMA server countries and locations

HideMyAss! Server List

When it comes to the number of servers, locations, countries and IPs, no other provider can touch HideMyAss! They are the undisputed king of the hill.

The complete list of Invisible Browsing VPN server locations

ibVPN Server List

For a smaller provider, Invisible Browsing VPN does quite well with their server counts, putting them somewhere in the middle of the pack.

All NordVPN server countries, locations and types

NordVPN Server List

Hands down, NordVPN has the fastest growing server network of all providers that offers excellent geographical diversity.

Full list of Private Internet Access server locations

PIA Server List

While they don’t offer the largest number of countries (though still covering all major locations), the sheer number of servers PIA runs is truly impressive.

The entire list of Pure VPN server countries and locations

PureVPN Server List

PureVPN has the second largest and geographically diverse server network of all VPNs. Wherever you need to connect to, they have you covered.

All Surfshark server countries and location (where available)

Surfshark Server List

For a VPN provider which hasn’t been around that long, the number of available locations Surfshark offers is rather impressive.