Having problems getting your VPN to do what you want it to? Not sure what a feature does or how to use it? The VPN guides below are where you’ll find your answers.

What to Do If Your BBC iPlayer VPN Is Not Working

A VPN is still the best way to access the BBC iPlayer. Don’t lost hope if yours is not working and is being blocked. There are simple solutions.

Does PIA Work With Netflix?

You settle in for movie night, fire up PIA, only to find it’s not working with Netflix. Ugh. Though it’s harder than it was, watching Netflix with it is still possible.

Does NordVPN Work With Netflix?

You connect to NordVPN and fire up Netflix only to find it blocked. Annoying, isn’t it? Here are the steps and list of servers that will get it working.

Get a German IP Address in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re looking to access German services and websites from anywhere in the world, you need an IP address in Germany. Thankfully spoofing one couldn’t get much easier.

How to Stop Your ISP From Tracking You

Your ISP can see everything you do online. Don’t let it. There are ways to effectively block it and let you use the internet without being tracked, as it should be.

Free VPNs vs. Paid VPNs

Tough there is a time and place for free VPNs, there are several key differences between them and paid providers everyone should understand. It’s definitely a case of buyer beware.

Is a VPN Worth It

There are many arguments for using VPNs, but that doesn’t mean they’re always worth it. And for those times when they are, not just any provider will do.

How Safe and Secure Are VPNs

It only takes a few bad VPNs to ruin the whole bunch. Many providers are very safe, trustworthy, and secure. Unfortunately, some others, far from it.

Shared vs. Dedicated VPN IP Addresses

All VPNs give you a shared IP, but only a few have dedicated ones. There are advantages to one type of VPN IP address over the other, but are they worth it?


OpenVPN can be configured to use either TCP or UDP. There is a big difference between the two, and here’s how you pick the right one to get the best VPN experience.

What Is a VPN Kill Switch

When your VPN connection drops without you even knowing, a kill switch will keep your internet privacy and anonymity intact. It’s a must have for any VPN.

What Is a Double VPN

If you’re serious about online privacy, a double VPN is a feature to look into. Despite its one big disadvantage it may be worth it, and several VPN providers do have it.

Get a UK IP Address in 5 Easy Steps

If you want to access British content you need an IP address in the UK. And getting one couldn’t be much simpler, regardless of where in the world you are.

What Is an IP Address

An IP address can come in many shapes and sizes. Static or dynamic. IPv4 or IPv6. It’s also a revealing digital footprint that’s easily tracked and traced.

VPNs vs. Proxies

There are times when you should use a VPN service instead of proxies. Avoid putting yourself at risk by using the wrong tool for the job.

4 Easy Ways to Hide Your IP

Online privacy, security and uncensored freedom. That’s what hiding your IP address can give you. I make it a priority, and this is how to do it correctly.

How to Choose a VPN

With literally hundreds of VPNs out there, how do you pick the best one for you? Turns out choosing a VPN is not that hard when you know what to look for.

How to Stop ISP Data Throttling

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the internet speeds you pay your ISP for? Not with data throttling you won’t. Here then is how you test for and bypass it.

9 Ways to Increase Your VPN Speed

Don’t let a slow VPN ruin your online experience. Anything’s fixable, including this. Here are the top ways in which you can speed up your connection.

Can I Hide From My ISP by Using a VPN

Your ISP, the government, everybody wants to know what you do online. Will a VPN protect you from organizations that should kind of just mind their own business?

VPNs and Data Usage

Good or bad, few of us realize the impact a VPN has on data use. Some even go as far as using a VPN to hide their data usage and avoid ISP and mobile caps.

Does a VPN Make My Internet Faster

Most of the time a VPN will not improve the speed of your internet. But, in a few cases, it can increase download and browsing speeds significantly.

OpenVPN and the Platforms on Which It Runs

OpenVPN is arguably the top VPN protocol option available today. And the best part is it’s available on nearly every device and OS imaginable.