Review of NordVPN Highlights for 2017

The year 2017 was a pretty good one for NordVPN and its subscribers. Every provider’s goals are (or at least should be) to make their service safer, faster and easier to use. And NordVPN did not disappoint. From a massive increase in the number of servers to the introduction of multiple security features, here are some of the major highlights.

New Servers

In 2017, the number of servers NordVPN runs increased by a mind-boggling 354%. That’s 1879 new servers added, bringing the total up to 2776 (though at the rate they’re going, that number may already be out of date). And these new servers are no slouches either showing excellent performance results across the board.

NordVPN has also made a renewed commitment to continuously keeping their servers working with Netflix, and so far, so good. There are always plenty of options to unlock both the US version of the popular streaming services, as well as just about any other library around the world, including the UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan.

Obfuscated Servers

Certain countries frown upon VPN usage (and try to block them to the best of their ability). In response, NordVPN introduced what they call obfuscated servers. These are special servers which mask VPN data packets as regular HTTPS traffic, making detection much more difficult. Online privacy and freedom for all.

Looking at NordVPN's server list


A big new feature added to NordVPN’s client in 2017 was their long-awaited security suite CyberSec. The goal was to provide users with improved security and control over their browsing experience. When enabled, CyberSec prevents malware infection by blocking suspicious websites from loading. It also blocks ads, saving you from irritation and reducing mobile data consumption at the same time.

Client Updates

On the subject of clients, NordVPN’s developers were busy in 2017 delivering a total of 65 software updates (which averages to more than one update every week). All Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users can now enjoy better navigation, speed, and intelligence in their respective applications.

Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-on

In September, NordVPN’s Google Chrome extension saw its initial release. A NordVPN Firefox Add-on followed shortly after that. Both are lightweight proxy extension designed to keep user activity secure and private when browsing the Web without the need to use a client.

Goodbye Windows XP/Vista

On the downside, though not surprisingly, NordVPN is ending client software support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you’re still running either of those operating systems and wish to continue using the service from your PC, upgrading to at least Windows 7 may be your best bet. If you insist on sticking with one of the older operating systems, NordVPN released a couple of videos showing how to get things up and running.

All in all, 2017 has been a pretty impressive for NordVPN (I’m still in awe of their server numbers growth). If they can continue with this pace of improvement and innovation, not to mention offer a level of savings through deals and coupon codes similar to what we have seen this year, we should all be in for a treat in 2018 and beyond.

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