The List of NordVPN’s Servers

NordVPN has one of the largest server networks of all VPN providers with 5647 server in 60 countries. That server count is second only to Private Internet Access’. But, with PIA you can’t pick which exact server to use – a very useful feature. So, score one for NordVPN there.

The geographical diversity offered by NordVPN is also top notch. Unless you’re trying to connect to a small island country in the middle of the ocean, NordVPN has you covered. If you are trying to connect to said island, try HideMyAss! and their 218 countries strong network instead.

There’s also good news for the streamers among us. Most NordVPN servers unblock Netflix assuming, of course, you pick the country corresponding to the Netflix library you wish to access.

The tables below breaks down the most up to date list of NordVPN servers by continent, country, city, server type, and server count.

Besides regular servers, NordVPN runs several specialized servers. These include static IP (a.k.a. dedicated IP), double VPN, Tor (what Nord calls Onion Over VPN), and, of course, P2P servers. All the special server types any given location or country supports are listed in the corresponding table row.

Also, please note that the total server count for each country is the sum of all servers, regular and special purpose, across all cities.

If at any point you’re curious about how fast some of these servers are, head over to my NordVPN speed tests (spoiler – they’re smoking fast). And for any other information NordVPN related, please visit the review page.

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North America

There are 2359 NordVPN servers in North America.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
Canada flagCanada...Double VPN
Static IP
CanadaTorontoDouble VPN (United States)14
CanadaTorontoStatic IP12
Mexico flagMexicoMexicoP2P20
United States flagUnited States...Double VPN
Static IP
United StatesAtlanta, GAP2P116
United StatesAtlanta, GAObfuscated2
United StatesBuffalo, NYP2P72
United StatesBuffalo, NYStatic IP37
United StatesCharlotte, NCP2P34
United StatesChicago, ILP2P155
United StatesChicago, ILObfuscated2
United StatesChicago, ILStatic IP4
United StatesDallas, TXP2P183
United StatesDallas, TXStatic IP40
United StatesDenver, COP2P94
United StatesKansas City, MOP2P35
United StatesLos Angeles, CAP2P254
United StatesLos Angeles, CAObfuscated11
United StatesLos Angeles, CAStatic IP48
United StatesManassas, VAP2P107
United StatesManassas, VADouble VPN (Canada)2
United StatesMiami, FLP2P130
United StatesMiami, FLObfuscated5
United StatesMiami, FLStatic IP4
United StatesNew York, NYP2P379
United StatesNew York, NYDouble VPN (Canada)20
United StatesNew York, NYObfuscated27
United StatesNew York, NYStatic IP34
United StatesPhoenix, AZP2P47
United StatesSalt Lake City, UTP2P24
United StatesSan Francisco, CAP2P77
United StatesSeattle, WAP2P96
United StatesSeattle, WAStatic IP4
United StatesSt Louis, MOP2P22


There are a massive 2589 NordVPN servers in Europe.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
Albania flagAlbaniaTirana-4
Austria flagAustriaViennaP2P61
Belgium flagBelgiumBrusselsP2P60
Bosnia flagBosniaSarajevoP2P5
Bulgaria flagBulgariaSofiaP2P30
Croatia flagCroatiaZagrebP2P16
Cyprus flagCyprusNicosiaP2P13
Czech Republic flagCzech RepublicPragueP2P52
Denmark flagDenmarkCopenhagenP2P40
Estonia flagEstoniaTallinnP2P13
Finland flagFinlandHelsinkiP2P21
France flagFrance...Double VPN
Static IP
FranceParisDouble VPN (United Kingdom)6
FranceParisStatic IP20
Germany flagGermany...Obfuscated
Static IP
GermanyFrankfurtStatic IP20
Greece flagGreeceAthensP2P21
Hungary flagHungaryBudapestP2P20
Iceland flagIcelandReykjavikP2P10
Ireland flagIrelandDublinP2P60
Italy flagItaly...Obfuscated
Static IP
ItalyMilanStatic IP8
Latvia flagLatviaRiga-12
Lithuania flagLithuaniaVilniusP2P10
Luxembourg flagLuxembourgLuxembourgP2P12
Macedonia flagMacedoniaSkopje-2
Moldova flagMoldovaChisinau-3
Netherlands flagNetherlands...Double VPN
Static IP
NetherlandsAmsterdamDouble VPN (Sweden)4
NetherlandsAmsterdamDouble VPN (Switzerland)4
NetherlandsAmsterdamDouble VPN (United Kingdom)4
NetherlandsAmsterdamStatic IP19
Norway flagNorwayOsloP2P84
Poland flagPoland...Obfuscated
Portugal flagPortugalLisbonP2P33
Romania flagRomaniaBucharestP2P25
Serbia flagSerbiaBelgradeP2P20
Slovakia flagSlovakiaBratislavaP2P15
Slovenia flagSloveniaLjubljanaP2P5
Spain flagSpain...Obfuscated
Static IP
SpainMadridStatic IP4
Sweden flagSweden...Double VPN
Static IP
SwedenStockholmDouble VPN (Netherlands)4
SwedenStockholmDouble VPN (Switzerland)4
SwedenStockholmStatic IP
Switzerland flagSwitzerland...Double VPN
Static IP
SwitzerlandZurichDouble VPN (Netherlands)4
SwitzerlandZurichDouble VPN (Sweden)4
SwitzerlandZurichStatic IP4
Turkey flagTurkey...Obfuscated
Ukraine flagUkraineKyivP2P14
United Kingdom flagUnited Kingdom...Double VPN
Static IP
United KingdomEdinburghP2P36
United KingdomGlasgowP2P36
United KingdomLondonP2P463
United KingdomLondonDouble VPN (France)6
United KingdomLondonDouble VPN (Netherlands)4
United KingdomLondonObfuscated6
United KingdomLondonStatic IP64
United KingdomManchesterP2P54

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The number of NordVPN servers in Oceania stands at 206.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
Australia flagAustralia...P2P
Static IP
AustraliaSydneyStatic IP8
New Zealand flagNew ZealandAucklandP2P27


The NordVPN server list in Asia currently stands at 409.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
Georgia flagGeorgiaTbilisi-4
Hong Kong flagHong Kong...Double VPN
Static IP
Hong KongHong KongP2P55
Hong KongHong KongDouble VPN (Taiwan#3)1
Hong KongHong KongObfuscated2
Hong KongHong KongStatic IP4
Indonesia flagIndonesiaJakartaP2P10
Israel flagIsraelTel AvivP2P20
Japan flagJapan...Obfuscated
Static IP
JapanTokyoStatic IP16
Malaysia flagMalaysiaKuala Lumpur-12
Singapore flagSingapore...Obfuscated
South Korea flagSouth KoreaSeoulP2P34
Taiwan flagTaiwan...Double VPN
TaiwanTaipeiDouble VPN (Hong Kong)1
Thailand flagThailandBangkok-12
United Arab Emirates flagUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiObfuscated5
Vietnam flagVietnamHanoi-14

Central America

NordVPN has 12 servers in Central America.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
Costa Rica flagCosta RicaSan Jose-12

South America

There are currently 52 NordVPN servers in South America.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
Argentina flagArgentinaBuenos AiresP2P9
Brazil flagBrazilSao PauloP2P28
Chile flagChileSantiagoP2P5
Colombia flagColombiaBogotaP2P10


NordVPN has 20 servers in Africa.

CountryCity / LocationServer TypesNumber of Servers
South Africa flagSouth AfricaJohannesburgP2P20

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About Tim Tremblay

Tim is the founder of Fastest VPN Guide. He comes from a world of corporate IT security and network management and knows a thing or two about what makes VPNs tick. Cybersecurity expert by day, writer on all things VPN by night, that’s Tim. You can also follow him on Twitter and Quora.

33 thoughts on “The List of NordVPN’s Servers”

  1. Is theres a command list in linux to connect to particular city.
    Eg Australia = nordvpn c au
    But what is command for
    Australia>Sydney etc

    • To answer my own question, Using the unofficial Linux GUI I discovered that there is the seemingly undocumented command line option to just add the city name to the command.
      Australia>Adelaide – nordvpn c adelaide
      Australia>Sydney etc – nordvpn c sydney

    • Hi Alfred,

      Beat me to it 🙂 Yes, that’s exactly it. It’s the same idea as what the NordVPN native apps do (i.e., you can enter specific cities into the server search box).

    • Hi Tom,

      Not that I know of, unfortunately. Sorry. HideMyAss! has servers in Scranton if you’re looking to stay in Pennsylvania, but that’s about it. Shortest distance wise, all providers will have servers in either New York, New Jersey, or Washington, DC (and in some cases, all three).

    • Hi Josh,

      NordVPN does not currently have servers in either of those states. Chicago or Saint Louis would be closest to Indiana, and New York closest to New Jersey (though, depending on what you want to do, closest may not be good enough).

      Server numbers change often (as hardware is brought on or off line) and the best way to get a current list of NordVPN servers in a specific city is to use the search box in the client app. Just type in the city name.

      If you do need exact locations, HideMyAss! has servers in South Bend and ExpressVPN runs some in New Jersey (unfortunately, as far as I know, no one VPN covers both states).

  2. I enjoyed your article and found it very helpful. I am using NORD now and find that if I type the city in the search box a server will come up for that city. It works great with Netflix.
    thank you, Jake

    • Hi Jacob. Thank you. I’m glad I could help and I appreciate the kind words 🙂 Indeed, using the search box in the client is a great way of listing all NordVPN servers in a specific city.

    • Hi Christian. The best way of getting a servers list for a specific location is to use the search box in the NordVPN client. It’s located in the top left corner.

      Unfortunately, the search box does not work with US states, only cities. So you’ll have to check every city with NordVPN servers in a state to get a complete list. Hope that helps!

  3. I Tim, I really have found lots of help from your articles — you are the best!
    My question: how do I get Office 365 to recognize VPN? I use NordVPN.

    • Hi Weldon. Thank you! I’m very happy to hear you’re finding the site useful 🙂 You don’t need to do anything special to get Office 365 to recognize NordVPN. Just connect to Nord, fire up Office, and all traffic will automatically be tunnelled through the VPN. If there’s a specific case where you’re having issues, let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

  4. Hi tem you are awesome for your answer
    I tried everything to get the city on NordVPN but I can’t find it, could you please tell me a vpn service other than NordVPN and ExpressVPN to provide me a service with city options please.

  5. Hi Tim. Is it possible to get access to content from Colombia with Nord VPN? I don’t see any server form there. But wanted to know for sure if there is any possibility.

  6. How lame that you can’t/won’t list the cities in which you operate servers. For that reason alone I will never use your service. I must connect to specific locations.

    • Hi Millard. I agree it would be nice for NordVPN to list the cities in which they run servers. I’m not sure why they don’t. Pretty much every other VPN service I can think of does.

      That said, in practice, I found knowing which city you connect to doesn’t matter than much. At least for how I use VPNs, as long as I’m connecting to the right country and to a server that’s as close to me as possible (and distance is a metric NordVPN does supply), I’m good. But, I completely understand that some people would want to know the actual city name.

      • Well for me and my current VPN provider I know if I connect to my closest server location my throughput is half that of a larger city server farther away. So knowing my location connection city location in this instance is critical. Yes one could say my VPN provider has a problem then, but it is my current situation and why Nord won’t work for me. I’ll try another suggested provider instead.

  7. C/O Tim Tremblay: Tim, I presently reside in Indonesia and my NordVPN is being detected/and access denied by ‘Acorn TV’ (to which I am a subscriber). I am not a computer savy person, but have been told that ‘acorn tv’ is only accessible through NordVPN servers: US 605-608. What is the easiest way to connect to one of these servers from Indonesia? I realize this question is well below your pay grade, but I long to again have access to ‘Acorn tv’. Thank you for your assistance Tim!

    • Hi Bob. If you’re on a Mac, click on the menu icon (top left of your NordVPN client) and then on the Server List menu item. Once the list of servers is visible on screen, which is sorted by country first and by server number second, simply scroll down until you see one of your servers. You may need to scroll for a bit as NordVPN has a lot of servers 🙂

      If you’re on a PC, click on the Countries button in the top left of your NordVPN client. Once you see the list of countries, scroll down to the United States and hover your mouse over it. To the right you’ll see a button with three horizontal lines. Click it to bring up a list of all US servers, then scroll down until you find your server numbers.

      I would also suggest you favorite your servers by clicking the heart icon next to them. You’ll then be able to access them much quicker through the Favorite Servers menu item on a Mac and My Favorites menu item (a submenu of Countries) on a PC. Hope this helps!

  8. When I first started using Nord VPN, some months ago, there was a list of server type to choose from. P2P, double VPN, obfuscated etc. To try things out I selected obfuscated, which seemed to function ok. I now find that I no longer have a list available to choose from, the only choice is obfuscated. Any suggestions on how to rectify this.

    • Hi Wally. At some point over the last few months, the NordVPN client interface has changed a bit. As you’re experiencing, the server list now shows either obfuscated servers or other server types, but not a mix of both. I’m assuming this change was done so that people who need to use obfuscated servers don’t accidentally connect to one which isn’t.

      If you go into your NordVPN client’s advanced settings, you should see a toggle or checkbox called “Obfuscated Servers.” Turning it off will take you out of obfuscated mode, and the server list should once again show all the P2P, Dedicated IP, Double VPN and Onion Over VPN servers.

  9. Great article Tim .
    How can find out what cities Nord VPN has their servers in the US ?
    For instance, do they have on any in Nevada ? Las Vegas ?

    • Hi Milan. Thank you, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the article.

      Unfortunately NordVPN does not list the cities in which it operates servers, at least not that I have been able to find (and believe me, I tried). They only allow you to pick servers based on the purpose (ex: P2P, obfuscated), load, country and distance to your current location. Short of actually connecting and using a website like to see where you have connected to, there is no way to get the cities.


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